My role: Interaction Design, Storytelling and Museum Experience. 
Client: Dudok Architecture Centrum, Hilversum, The Netherlands.
What: My Digital Dudok is a project mapping exhibition. Experience lasted From July 2019 till September 2019 in the Dudok Architecture Centrum, Hilversum, The Netherlands.
Challenge: How do you bring to life the mind and inspiration of an architect? And how do you reflect it in an accurate way when he is long gone? For the Dudok Architecture Centrum, it was important to celebrate the man who gave them their name in a more personal and engaging way.
Solution: An immersive experience for the citizens of Hilversum to get to know Dudok through his work. Reconstructed the world of Dudok on the basis of archive material. Based on film and sound clips, original sketches, furniture pieces and historical photos, visitors step into a multimedia experience that provides insight into Dudok’s doubts, beliefs and passions.
The setup: The room was built by making use of historical items from the archive of the municipality of Hilversum, featuring Dudok's authentic drawing table, original furniture (his own and designs by him), photo frames, books, wallpaper, curtains, and even family photos.
Research and prototyping: As Dudok’s eye for detail was a starting point for our concept. There was a wide spectrum of objects and materials to choose from. But we decided to focus on those that spoke to his personality and his creative talent the most. This included even the choice of colour scheme and materials, which reflected Dudok’s love for nature.
Storytelling: To achieve this, we concentrated not only on the physical props, but also on the storytelling part of the concept. The narrative, took the shape of ‘a quest’ - an emotional journey which was accompanied by tailored classical music, similar to what Dudok was listening to during that period.

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