My role: Concept, storytelling and Illustrations. 
Client: VodafoneZiggo The Netherlands. Technology Strategy.
Problem: Cloud computing, streaming entertainment, and an explosion of networked devices have ensured that people are consuming more data than ever before. With society’s appetite for data growing exponentially, telecommunications companies face a major challenge: without new investment, infrastructure, and innovation, demand could outpace capacity within a decade. Our clients asked us to develop a tool that could help stakeholders—from industry professionals to consumers and regulators—better understand the urgency of this problem.
Solution: a narrative game where users can lead their very own telecommunications company through a series of choices and consequences in an effort to provide customers with the data they crave. It’s designed in a playful visual style and set against a microcosm of a city. Players learn about the coming technical and economic challenges that cable Internet providers will face as well as the trade-offs involved in attempting to solve those challenges.
Testing it Out: When we tested our design with some real-live humans, we learned some valuable lessons. Although we had succeeded in creating a compelling, playful world through which to educate our target audience, most of our users felt that the game was overly text-based—an easy mistake when developing a product that’s supposed to be informative. Also, although exponential growth might appear simple enough to understand in the abstract, it’s now clear that conveying a palpable sense of the phenomenon requires something other than images, text, and storytelling.

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